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To honour our community with a relentless commitment to inspire, enrich, and journey alongside

Our Story

Durham Muay Thai & Kickboxing’s foundation was created by passion, heart and soul combined with a lifelong commitment to learning. The Team at Durham Muay Thai & Kickboxing is a family. We’re a family that’s dedicated to the growth and well-being of one another, and our community.

Chris Martin - Durham Muay Thai

Chris Martin - Owner, Coach

Chris Martin has been involved in Martial Arts (Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Karate) for over 20 years. His passion to share knowledge, inspire students, clients and teams towards reaching not only their fitness goals, but life goals cannot be matched.

Prior to opening Durham Muay Thai & Kickboxing, Chris trained and coached at several gyms across the province. As an amateur competitor, Chris has competed in over 60 sanctioned events. As a coach, Chris has prepared athletes for over 200 events producing both Provincial and National champions in several disciplines. As well as being a lifetime student of the famous Twin Dragon Kickboxing Family, Chris is also recognized by the Sports Authority of Thailand as a Certifed Kru of Muay Thai.


Shawn Chadwick 

Shawn Chadwick - Coach

Shawn Chadwick has been training and competing in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kickboxing for over 5 years. Shawn has assisted in preparing athletes for over 40 events across the province. Shawn is currently ranked Poo Choi Kru SR in Muay Thai and continues his journey as both student, competitor and coach.


Lloyd Lawrence - Durham Muay Thai & Kickboxing  

Lloyd Lawrence - Coach

Lloyd Lawrence has been training and competing in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kickboxing for over 5 years. Lloyd has assisted in preparing the junior athletes for competitions and often assumes the coaching responsibilities for them. Lloyd is currently ranked Poo Choi Kru in Muay Thai and continues his journey as both a student, competitor and coach. In March of 2018, Lloyd became the first ever Muay Thai Canada, Masters Division Winner with a dominant performance at the Peterborough Memorial Centre.


Melissa Chadwick - Ladies Kickboxing Coach

Melissa is an NCCP certified coach with years of bootcamp and kickboxing experience. She strives to make a difference in your life through offering an innovative program designed to help you reach your targets and goals. She believes with consistency, and by adjusting the intensity of your workout, you can build a strong foundation through core stability using functional movements. With her trademark personality, you're guaranteed to have a little fun along the journey.


Kayda Martin - Junior Coach

Kayda Martin is an active student and competitor in Muay Thai, Boxing & Kickboxing. Kayda assists with the day to day running of programs alongside the coaching staff.