Current Events

The growth of our Development Series tournaments continues in 2024.

The first Tournament being our ever-popular Frosty Friends to be held on Saturday February 17th. The Frosty Friends was the first ever Development Tournament held in 2018!  It is fitting that we will have special awards for all division winners as well as to Most Supporting Club for the 2024 Edition of the FF!

The Kick Light Divisions will have the following three competitive divisions:

Pre-Novice                – 0-5 Bouts or Tournaments

Novice                        – 6 to10 Bouts or Tournaments

Open                          – 11 Bouts or Tournaments

The priority of this tournament is to give first time competitors opportunities to compete with other first-time competitors whenever possible.  A division requires 3 persons and we will only move individuals into other divisions if there are no other participants.

As the priority of our Development Tournaments is athletes gaining experience in a safe and controlled environment the contact level for all divisions will be capped at 30%.  Please ensure that your students are aware of this strict contact level and are trained appropriately.

The Frosty Friends is also a tournament where WAKO Canada membership is not a requirement.  The goals of the Development Series Tournaments is to allow new participants a chance to experience the exciting, fair and safe WAKO Canada events!